Although we obviously did not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to respect the elementary rules of hygiene, the recent events oblige us to apply additional measures within our establishment.

In order to ensure the well-being of our guests as well as health security, here are our 7 golden rules now in force in our hotel.

1. Ventilation

In order to renew the air, we leave the windows of the room open for 24 hours before cleaning and renting it.

2. Respect of the barrier gestures during the cleaning

By now, and by dint of having heard it repeated incessantly, you know what these gestures cover: masks, gels, and gloves, the triptych victorious against the spread of the virus that has so suddenly burst into our lives.

We follow the government's guidelines to the letter.

3. Use of a good disinfectant

During a pandemic, can you tell the difference between "good" and "bad" disinfectant? In itself, a disinfectant disinfects, that's understood and that's already very good. A disinfectant that degreases is a degreaser. And a disinfectant that "diffuses essential oils of lavender and orange peel" is a scam.

We use products that comply with the virucide EN14476 standards.

4. The elements cleaned and disinfected

- Door handles

- Switches

- Remote control / TV set

- furniture

- Lamps

- Window sills and handles

- Thermostats

- Keys

- Bathroom accessories

- Guardrails

- Garbage cans

- Sinks

- Toilets

- Faucet handles

- Showers and bathtubs

- Shower doors

- Hangers and luggage racks

- Night tables

- Flooring

- Safe deposit box

5. Use of disposable supplies

We provide disposable shower gels, shampoos, soaps and toothbrushes.

6. Washing fabrics at very high temperatures

All our fabrics (sheets, comforter covers, pillowcases and towels) are washed at very high temperatures and maintained by a specialized company.

7. Removal of documents and non-essential objects

Exceptionally, we will remove all non-essential documents and objects: decorative items, courtesy tray (provided on request) and documentation. We can provide you with additional pillows upon request.